2000 Light-Years of Darkness, del 2

As time passed by she was suddenly sitting in the corridor again. Waiting for the next lesson to start, there were 30 minutes left. Li had no paper left to doodle on and she found herself sitting in the corridor observing people with lives pass by her as if she was some kind of toxic gas.
She was actuallly enjoying sitting there until they came. The tough part of them, not the ones staring into mirrors all day. It was the boy-part of the group. Li saw them walking far away in the corridor, aware of who they were looking for.
It was supposed to happen, in one way or another, decided - like in a movie.
But that didn't mean that it was fair. And it happened fast.
"Look at her!" they'd laughed. Li soon had found herself escaping into the forest right outside the school courtyard. Feeling those eyes burning in her back and chasing her over rocks and roots. It was a miracle that she didn't fall. What would have happened then?
Li jumped into a hidden place behind a huge rock, lost her breath and hopes for the best. Suddenly the sound of the chasing people's feet disappeared.
That was when the tears came, finally. She wanted to forget what they'd said. So badly.
But the words came back, playing on reverse - smashing her in the head... and heart. She was nobody, or well, she was "her" - that inappropriate girl. That allowed them to use her, to get stronger. For no particular reason at all.
Just power.
Her feet hurt. She rested her back against the rock and tried to breathe.
There she sat for a time, didn't know how long though. She had to tell someone about everything.
It had to burst out or else it would eat her alive.

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Shit va bra det var! Du äger tjejen (y) <3

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