2000 Light-Years of Darkness, del 3

It was freezing cold. That place Li had in her heart was temporary closed. She knew she was supposed to walk home, so she stumbled up from the rock she's been resting her back at. The first few steps were heave and she managed to get through the big pond of trees and leaves.
Finally she saw some city lights sine a few steps away. She would soon be home. Home to tell the world, or at least her mother.

They'd been worried of coure. She wasn't that very late though but coming home with dirty clothes and leaves in your hair past dinnertime wasn't a big hit.
Li took a deep breath, stared into her parents eyes and let it all out.
Everything. Every comment, every shoving and even about the rumours. It probably looked weird - two big-eyed parents sitting there with open mouths just staring at their terrified daughter. Until she got a hug.
Li felt a tiny little shatter inside being glued together with the remains of her heart.
1999 more to go.


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